How artists present themselves to their audience on the Internet today,
greatly optimize their web performance, acquire more concerts and reach a significantly larger audience...
With an individually tailored website that truly showcases and augments your artistic personality, presenting yourself also on the digital podium as a master of your art. 
Here are 3 more things that an optimized website offers:
  • More visibility on the web: Your art clearly structured and brought together in one place on the net - visible to anyone at any time.
  • More communication with your audience: Reach the audience with up-to-date information and inspire them for the next concert.
  • More attention from concert promoters: Attract promoters with strategically structure and designed content, generating more concerts..

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Sure, everyone has a website! 

But is it also tailored to your specific needs?
Do you feel that your creative personality is properly presented?
Are you achieving what you hoped for with your current website?

 If so - that’s great!

If not - get in touch with me.

Let's work together to give your artistic personality the space it deserves on the web. I’ll build your website and you’ll continue to have time for your art.
Alexander Shelley about our collaboration 
Nothing says more about a service than the opinion of the person who has already received it and benefited from it. So I am very grateful to Alexander Shelley for sharing his experience of our work together in this video.
Al, Music Director of National Arts Center Orchestra Canada/ Principle Associate Conductor Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Alexander had a well-designed and sensibly structured website for many years before he approached me - so the bar was set high when we started work together to update it. 
Some important features like the concert calendar or the archive pages for videos and recordings simply didn't work properly anymore.
But what bothered him the most was that it didn't really represent his art in a contemporary way anymore.
And so, within a few weeks, I created a website for him that matched his individual vision, with a completely new concept and design. 
About Wilfried Haecker
Wilfried Haecker - Webdesign
After completing my music degree as a guitarist in Düsseldorf, and after many years of concertising and teaching, I built up my first online business in the field of video courses and coaching in 2018.

Through the intense involvement with all the technology needed for this in the area of websites, automated sales processes and marketing, I have now come to the point at which I can use this knowledge for others.We musicians, and artists in general, are to a large extent dependent on marketing ourselves.

This requires not only know-how, but also a lot of time and energy, which we would much rather invest in our art. And this is where I would like to help.

I want you to be able to focus on your art and not have to deal with the sometimes tedious construction of a website.
How do we get together?

1. You sign up for a free initial consultation
Click the button and fill out the form. With the information you provide, I can best prepare for our conversation to achieve desired results.
2. Together, we will find out if and, more importantly, how I can help you.
In this brief initial conversation, we'll take stock of your current situation and quickly determine if a website in WordPress makes sense for you. If it does, you'll get an appointment for the in-depth consultation.
3. If everything fits, we'll have a free strategy conversation
In this detailed conversation I will show you how to build your website for free. We develop a coherent concept with which you and your art are optimally presented on the Internet.In the end, you decide whether you want to go it alone or if you want me to do the work for you.
 Website Facts

The website is built in WordPress. Why?

Because it offers the greatest flexibility in terms of design, content management, and marketing and can, as such, be set up very individually to your wishes.

This is also reflected in the fact that WordPress is the most widely used system for running websites, with about 40% share of all CMS (Content Management System).

This means that you no longer have to spend time figuring out what the best CMS for your website is.

But also all other questions, you do not ask yourself, such as the question of ...

  • the right hosting for fast loading times,
  • SSL encryption, 
  • required plugins,
  • the right theme,
  • he right MySQL database.

You also don't have to worry  about ...

  • the right design,
  • the right Responsive Design,
  • Html & Xml Sitemaps,
  • the ranking at Google & Co,
  • the further maintenance of your website, if you wish this additionally.

You won’t have to worry about all of these technical (and rather boring!) things. You can continue to concentrate 100% on your art, while I design and build your optimised web presence in the background. 

I will take care of everything for you.


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